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Active Members:
Itzhak Ravid, C.P.A (co-Founder) - Chairman & member of navigation committee
Abir Raveh, C.P.A (co-Founder) - member of navigation committee
Nitza Ginossar - (co-Founder) Chairman of navigation committee
Yair Goldfinger - (co-Founder) member of navigation committee
Hila Raveh - fellowship member
Nir Ravid, C.P.A - fellowship member
Melat Schechter - fellowship member
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The annual conference of youth centers in Northern Israel, in collaboration with leading students' funds, was held in April 2010, at Western Galilee College.

Discussions throughout the conference involved various topics related to the social activities of the young scholars from the North of Israel.

A panel discussion was held on "making a real difference? Foundations high-quality activities for scholars", with the participation of fund managers from The Friends of Raveh-Ravid Fund, the Katzir Foundation, The ISEF Foundation and the Gandyr Foundation.

Discussions were held around the round tables on various issues, with the active participation of the young scholars.
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