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A Generous Donation Upon a Wedding

Adi and Yair contribute to Raveh-Ravid Fund 

A young couple from Ramat HaSharon decided to donate the gifts they received when they married to various foundations. One of the foundations that received a generous donation following the couple’s wedding was Raveh-Ravid Fund.

Adi and Yair, decided to do a good deed when they married. They decided to donate all of their wedding presents to senior citizens and various foundations. Raveh-Ravid Fund is especially close to Yair who is an active member of the Funds steering committee and one of the Funds founding members. Because of this, amongst the foundations that received contributions from the young couple, was Raveh-Ravid Fund which gives grants to excellent students from peripheral areas who are studying at the University of Haifa. Other foundations also benefited from the couples generosity and many needy senior citizens received large baskets of food that Adi and Yair personally prepared.

The money donated to Raveh-Ravid Fund, as with all money donated to the Fund, goes directly to fund the grants given to outstanding students who are studying for BA to PhD. within the program’s framework.

The generosity of Adi and Yair (who don’t want their full identity revealed) evoked a warm response and much appreciation and even appeared in newspapers.

To read the full story at the YNET site - "What can you do with your wedding checks?”

To read the full story at the HaAretz site - "Adi and Yair’s wedding gift’s - donations to the needy.”

Raveh-Ravid Foundation thanks Adi and Yair for their generous donation following their wedding and wishes them "Mazal Tov!"


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