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Active Members:
Itzhak Ravid, C.P.A (co-Founder) - Chairman & member of navigation committee
Abir Raveh, C.P.A (co-Founder) - member of navigation committee
Nitza Ginossar - (co-Founder) Chairman of navigation committee
Yair Goldfinger - (co-Founder) member of navigation committee
Hila Raveh - fellowship member
Nir Ravid, C.P.A - fellowship member
Melat Schechter - fellowship member
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 Social Involvement

"Values in Sports" Project 

During the year, students from "Raveh Ravid Leadership Program" led a weekly social-education activity for groups of children and teenagers who practice at the "Hapoel Haifa" junior soccer club. The students and the pupils jointly led volunteering activities for weak populations in society. Students kept personal contact with their pupils and exposed them to values of social solidarity, team work, mutual respect and self-fulfillment.

"Opening the Sea" Project

The student leading this project initiated the establishment of a surfing club at the beach of Tirat Ha-Carmel. Their goal was creating a linkage between the residents of Tirat Ha-Carmel city and the beach in their municipal territory. In addition to the sports activities organized by the students, the club members regularly hold cleaning and maintenance activities, activities for preserving nature, youth education and improving the quality of life. The project also involves communal activities that are aimed at encouraging the local residents to visit the beach, such as: cleaning activities, activities for families and various summer activities.

Exposure to Academy Project
The aim of the project is to allow accessibility of higher education to youngsters living in Tirat Ha-Carmel. The Raveh-Ravid students developed a tour plan for 9th, 10th and 11th grade students to visit the University of Haifa, in order to raise their awareness and expose them to the possibility of academic studies in the future.

"Affordable Housing" Project
In this project, the students set up an acquisition groups in order to help with house purchasing for low socioeconomic communities in the peripheral area in the North of Israel. The students involved in this project also provide legal support to the groups.

The Haifa Youth Website Project
The students established a website, targeting young residents of the city of Haifa. The website was built to facilitate youngsters living in Haifa city, and serves as a portal, offering information about services provided for youngsters in the city.

Professional Training Project
This project was designed in order to allow youngsters in the Northern periphery to re-join the employment cycle. The students leading this project worked to identify the employment needs among the youngster, and then designed and executed professional trainings tailored according to their needs.

The Youth Forum Project
The scholars of the Raveh-Ravid Fund have helped setting up a youth forum in the city of Haifa. The youth forum serves as a platform for the youngsters in the city to express their opinions, and take an active part in designing and formalizing the city's policies. The aim of this project is creating a core of young people who will be influencing decision making in Haifa city in the future.

Connecting Youth with Jewish Identity
The project is aimed at reviving the history of the Jewish people among young people and connecting them with World War ll veterans.

The students of Raveh-Ravid Fund have, in cooperation of the local community center, helped documenting the personal memories and history of veterans living in Hadar district in Haifa. Through the stories shared by the veterans the students connected to their Jewish heritage and history.

Helping Youth at Risk
The students involved in this project worked with youngsters at risk at a support center in Yokneam city.

The objective of the project was helping these youngsters at risk (mainly teens who have dropped out of school) to keep them off the streets, through mentoring and offering them a solid social framework.

Ethiopian Community Empowerment Project
The goal of the empowerment project is to help strengthening the Israeli identity among young Ethiopian girls, and help them integrate in the Israeli society.

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