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Active Members:
Itzhak Ravid, C.P.A (co-Founder) - Chairman & member of navigation committee
Abir Raveh, C.P.A (co-Founder) - member of navigation committee
Nitza Ginossar - (co-Founder) Chairman of navigation committee
Yair Goldfinger - (co-Founder) member of navigation committee
Hila Raveh - fellowship member
Nir Ravid, C.P.A - fellowship member
Melat Schechter - fellowship member
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Greetings to the Students

The Friends of Raveh-Ravid Fund is proud of the remarkable achievements of the newly graduated students, who are starting new life outside the academy, and sends her best regards for great success in their future life as leaders in their community.

The Fund also congratulates the students who continue their studies towards BA and MA degrees, and sends her best wishes to the 11 new freshmen, who are joining this year to a hard core of successful students aspiring academic excellence and who are actively contributing to the society and their local community.

The new students were selected by the Fund's steering committee, after going through strict selection process and complying with criteria of excellence, leadership and having a background of contributing to society. The students were accepted to BA studies at the University of Haifa, in a wide range of disciplines: computer science, occupational therapy, economics, social work, communications & media, physiotherapy, law, biology and more.

Fund Activities

The Friends of Raveh-Ravid Fund has made significant advancement on the scope of its activities, and expansion of the students' range of operation characterized with a "Going Global" vision:

International Symposium at Tufts University in Boston

Five promising students from the Friends of Raveh-Ravid Fund were selected and invited by the Institute of Global Leadership (IGL) at Tufts University in Boston to participate in an international symposium about "Global Leadership and International Problem Solving".

The student's stay, full accommodation, hospitality, and participation in the symposium, was made possible owing to the generous contributions of IGL and the donors, the friends of the Fund. The student spent a week and a half in Boston, took active part in the discussions at the roundtable, expanded their horizons and connected with university students from all over the world.

We see great importance in the participation of our students in this symposium, which will widen their horizons. Both IGL and the Friends of Raveh-Ravid Fund share the desire to begin a mutual, fruitful and long lasting cooperation.

"Active Citizens" Project and cooperation with the British Council in Israel

The British Council chose The Friends of Raveh-Ravid Fund to lead the "Active Citizens" project, aimed at promoting an inter-cultural dialogue and creating a community of "global leaders".

Through this cooperation, leading students from the Friends of Raveh-Ravid program will be selected each year to enroll in a series of professional training designed by the British Council aiming at increasing the contribution of community leaders towards achieving sustainable development both locally and globally.

It also encourages peer-to-peer relations across cultural, geographic and political boundaries via a lively online social network of participants.

Cooperation with Moshe Fund

Moshe Fund is a Geneva based scholarship fund led by Mr. Michael Halpérin. The Friends of Raveh-Ravid has been cooperating with Moshe Fund for the past 2 years, and is supported by Moshe Fund with generous donations for the students' scholarships.

Cooperation with JDC Israel (Joint Israel)

Owing to the Fund's strong ties and promising cooperation with the Joint, our students become active partners in promoting various social projects in the Northern periphery of Israel.

The projects focus on raising awareness on education issues, environmental protection inter alia in dealing with preventing young population from deserting the north in favor of the central areas of Israel.

The Friends of Raveh-Ravid Fund is sponsored by donations of its friends and supporters. All contributions are transferred directly to the University of Haifa to cover for the students' tuition.

We highly appreciate your support of the Fund, which enables us to create a unique opportunity and a better future for young promising leaders form the North of Israel.

We hope to see you amongst our supporters next year!

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