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Active Members:
Itzhak Ravid, C.P.A (co-Founder) - Chairman & member of navigation committee
Abir Raveh, C.P.A (co-Founder) - member of navigation committee
Nitza Ginossar - (co-Founder) Chairman of navigation committee
Yair Goldfinger - (co-Founder) member of navigation committee
Hila Raveh - fellowship member
Nir Ravid, C.P.A - fellowship member
Melat Schechter - fellowship member
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The Seminar took place during two days, in April as part of the activity run by the Active Citizens program in Israel.

As part of the training of the participants the strategic partners of the program in Israel decided to hold a 2-days seminar which will deal with major dilemmas the participants face d their activities within the program's framework.

The seminar's main purpose is to allow these "community guides" gain practical tools that would help them in their field work, to learn and enrich their knowledge and allow them to discuss and create a dialogue with their counterparts and professionals in all that is involving those issues and challenges.

The Seminar is part of the mentoring and guidance process for every facilitator working with communities within the Fund's leadership program and the Active Citizens program.

The location of the Seminar was carefully chosen, and finally it was held in Kibbutz "Nes Amim" situated in the Western Galilee.

"Nes Amim" is a community established by the Dutch immigrants in 1963 after the establishment of the State of Israel. Over the years, the community of "Nes Amim" established a multicultural dialogues Center.

Various and diverse ethnic groups from Israel and abroad arrive at the Center in order to participate in common discourse and dialogue.

Prior to the seminar we met with the managers of dialogue Center of "Nes Amim", and shared with them the seminar content and target audience and agreed on the continued cooperation and exposure of future programs and projects.

During the seminar, participants toured and met with representatives of the Center and were exposed to the place and its activities.

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