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Active Members:
Itzhak Ravid, C.P.A (co-Founder) - Chairman & member of navigation committee
Abir Raveh, C.P.A (co-Founder) - member of navigation committee
Nitza Ginossar - (co-Founder) Chairman of navigation committee
Yair Goldfinger - (co-Founder) member of navigation committee
Hila Raveh - fellowship member
Nir Ravid, C.P.A - fellowship member
Melat Schechter - fellowship member


International Symposium, The Institute for Global Leadership, Tufts University (Boston, Feb 2015)

TUFTS University in Boston holds an annual symposium of the Institute for Global Leadership IGL. The symposium deals with issues concerning global leadership and problem solving of global issues. The symposium is an exceptional opportunity for students to learn and exchange ideas and opinions with other students from all over the world.

In February 2015, exceptional students from Raveh-Ravid Fund were invited to attend the annual Symposium at TUFTS University. This year's symposium focused on "Russia in the 21st Century". The students participated in panels and discussions concerning social, political and economic aspects of the topic, and made a presentation for the entire forum.

The symposium was very successful and Raveh-Ravid Fund's students, who were highly professional throughout the event, left excellent impression on the other participants. The students made friendly contacts with the other delegations, specifically with the Iraqi students, and had many significant experiences during their visit to Boston.  

Upon return to Israel, the students initiated a very successful local symposium at Haifa University, 

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