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 Raveh Ravid Fund
Raveh Ravid Fund for promoting Excellence, Leadership and Social Responsibility

Raveh-Ravid Fund, in cooperation with the University of Haifa, is encouraging a new generation of young, educated leaders from the periphery.

The Fund awards grants to exceptional students from the periphery, studying at the University of Haifa , in a wide range of disciplines, and provides comprehensive study scholarships , from BA to PhD for outstanding students.

The students, who demonstrate leadership potential, academic excellence and social responsibility, receive full study grants for BA to PhD courses, covering a wide range of disciplines. The Students are also involved in community activities, take part in a unique leadership program and receive individual academic coaching.

During the 2015 academic year, 43 exceptional students participated in this program. 26 outstanding students from the faculty of humanities participated in the "Academic-Practice Program", while additional 17 students in other faculties, took part in the "Raveh-Ravid Leadership Program". 

The Raveh Ravid program is operated in cooperation with the University of Haifa and combines the desire to contribute to the Israeli society, along with the encouragement of academic excellence and social awareness and involvement.

All the contributions are dedicated directly to the financing of the students' scholarships. Every donation accepted means supporting another young promising leader. Raveh Ravid & Co., CPA and the University of Haifa cover all the expenses related to the Fund's management and activities.
Social Involvement
The students of Raveh - Ravid Foundation are involved in several long-growing number of social projects in peripheral areas, including:...

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Presentation about The Raveh-Ravid & Co. Fund

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 Raveh-Ravid Fund has set itself three main goals in its mission to foster the coming generations:
Academic Excellence
Students within the program are given individual coaching in their chosen field of study. The aim of the coaching is to ensure their academic success from BA to PhD.
Leadership qualities
The students participate in a leadership program that is unique to the Fund. The program includes basic leadership techniques and strategies, the development of personal individual leadership styles and the practical leadership techniques.
Social awareness:
Alongside their academic studies, the students take an active role in social work in the periphery. The Fund views these activities as an essential stage in the development of these young leaders who will, in the future, start and be involved in social projects that will have a wide and significant impact within the peripheral areas.
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